I make art for YOU.

My paintings are made with a specific person or personal memory in mind. I want you to have a painting of a meaningful thing that brings you joy.

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Ask me to paint...

- A item you treasure or reminds you of a place or person
- Your pet or an animal that represents you
- A special toy, stuffie or clothing from when your child was a baby
- Your favourite food
- An object from nature
- The item that represents a special skill you have
- An heirloom, maybe one that cannot be shared among everyone in the family
- An inside joke
- A wedding, graduation or birthday present
- The keys to your first home or car
- NOT a portrait or landscape

My personal examples: 'Bobo' is my son's stuffie, 'Fishing Flies' to remember my dad, 'Camera' for my mom and 'Jar of Pickles' because we make our family recipe every summer together.

Commission Process

I paint on primed wood panel – a smooth surface with unpainted wood edges, that looks fantastic if you choose not to frame. Decide what size and format suits your needs. Inquire for custom prices for larger sizes. 

6" x 8" for $210
8" x 10" for $285
9" x 12" for $350
11" x 14" for $425
14" x18" for $485
Prices include tax and materials. Shipping extra if needed.

I can work from most photos. Send me your photo, a stock photo or the object to me to photograph. Before I start painting, I will create a photoshop mock-up for you to approve layout and background colour.

Once you approve the mock-up, I typically take 2-3 weeks to complete the painting.


My proven process of working with clients, from idea to finished product, is based on years of experience as a graphic designer. I value your input and feedback to create unique and meaningful artwork. Trust me to take your photograph or idea and bring it to life, beyond what a simple photograph can do. The magic and life in my commissioned paintings often brings people to tears (the good kind).

"Felicia's approach with her clients is friendly, engaging, and thoughtful. She provided several options with visual representations of what the final product would represent. It was a fun process! The intention and care she put into our painting matches the importance of the object to us."
- Gareth J.

“Once I saw Felicia’s paintings that came to life, I wanted her to paint my motorcycle, because it’s so special to me. I gave her the picture and she helped with the color backgrounds that I wanted and voila there it was. I approved of the draft and now I proudly hang it on my office wall. It was a very streamlined procedure and she was wonderful to work with. I’ll be working with her again.”
- Gary R.

“You captured Bella the way I wanted to remember her. The generous gift commissioned for my 65th birthday brought tears to my eyes. Framed and it’s the first and the last thing I see every day.”
- Elsie T.

“I was very fortunate to find out about Felicia. She is amazing to work with and takes time to make sure she has the details right before she starts to paint. Her talent is incredible and I was thrilled with the finished product. Felicia has done two commissions for me to give family members and in both cases I couldn’t have found a gift they would treasure more. I can’t wait to get her to do one for me!”
- Wendy C.

“I have now commissioned four paintings by Felicia as personal gifts for various family members. Felicia’s work is fabulous and each commission now hangs in a place of honour. In addition to the beautiful work, Felicia’s customer service is impeccable!”
- Alicia F. 

"Felicia could not have made the process any easier - she was so great to communicate with and I appreciated the drafts she sent my way. I could tell she really wanted to get the painting just right (and she did). We love it, thank you!"
- Jen J.

"Felicia was a pleasure to work with and drew a painting that is unique and will forever be cherished by my loved ones."
- Joey Y.

"Felicia and I worked together on the initial concept for this, my brother's bday gift. Once she went off with it, kaboom! A professional from start to finish. My brother and I were blown away."
- Hussain A.

“Felicia painted a brilliant portrait of my cat who had recently passed. Not only did she get his beautiful fur and sharp eyes just right, she somehow captured his personality and spirit too. Felicia did an amazing job, the process was seamless, and I will cherish this painting forever!” 
- Heather H.

Some recent commissioned paintings

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