Hi. I'm Felicia.

Art has always been central in my life. I was the kid who was always drawing, aced most of my school projects because they looked amazing, took all the art classes as a child and eventually attended art college. My medium often changes, but I always come back to painting realism as it is where I find my joy. I love to get lost in the ordinary details of life.

I love sharing my paintings: it is the ultimate way for me to create joy for others and myself simultaneously. I want to make art that is accessible to everyone. It is deeply interesting to me to learn about what specific objects have meaning to people and then be able to tell that story with paint.

I live in Vancouver BC with my family, including two boys, and dog. I am a trained graphic designer, graduating with a Diploma of Graphic Design and Illustration from Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. See my work here. 

I have experience with many forms of art making, including painting and crafting with children. When not at my easel, I am found turning cardboard boxes into forts, leading virtual watercolour classes, teaching kids to sew stuffies or making glitter slime. All people have the capacity to be great creators.

Thank you so much for visiting my site.
I look forward to hearing from you, even just a note to say ‘hi’.

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